Portable Data Terminals (PDTs)

Inventory Issues/Transfers

The PDT is a tool used to interact with the MaXM Inventory Management System, freeing the user from the desk by allowing data entry at the site of inventory activity. Building upon the core capabilities of the Intermec/Janus PDT, AMS offers you the customized convenience of entering inventory orders for both: (1) goods being moved from an inventory location to a cost center (e.g., the Emergency Room or Nurses Station West), and (2) goods being moved from an inventory location to another inventory location (e.g., the Warehouse to General Stores).

One of the greatest assets of the MaXM Inventory Issues/Transfers PDT Application is that both functions exist independently on the same PDT chip and may be utilized either during the same PDT session or at different sessions.

Principal Features:
  • Dual-function chip
    -- inventory issues
    -- inventory transfers
  • Automated data entry
  • Supports bar code functionality
  • Choice of manual, laser-scanned or prompted entry
  • Laser scanning by wand (pen) or gun
  • Portability
  • Simple upload and download techniques
  • Expands use of existing PDT hardware
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable NiCad battery pack
  • Minimizes software investment
  • Improved General Ledger (GL) reporting
  • Ease of data entry
  • Flexibility to accommodate needs
  • Flexibility to mix and match hardware to suit requirements
  • Enhanced user productivity
  • Reduced processing and operator's time and effort
  • Cost savings against future purchases
  • Uninterrupted processing


Put Yourself in Control !

The combination of AMS' MaXM applications in one comprehensive family of Healthcare Expense and Commodity Management systems lets you focus on building customer satisfaction, delivering value to those that use the facility, and creating an environment that draws the best healthcare professionals to your door. MaXM is the one materials management system that gives you all of today's most advanced capabilities at your fingertips.

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